María Corina Porro Martínez

Category: Politician and nurse

She took a degree in Nursing at Santiago University and worked at 'Xeral-Cíes' Hospital and 'Relfas' day nursery (Sárdoma, Vigo). From 1995 to 1999, she started her political activity in the City Council of Vigo, where she was a town councillor responsible for Social Welfare, Health and Consumption, developing many programmes of primary and specialised attention as well as works to improve the social conditions of beggars, destroyed families, old people, disabled people, ethnic minorities and drug addict people). She promoted the creation of the Orientation and Information Service and assistance by telephone. She started telephone lines to help children, created the Municipal Board of the old people and worked to eradicate shanty towns and prevent drug addiction, elaborating the Municipal Drug Plan. After the municipal elections in June 1999, she became spokesman of the political party 'Partido Popular (PP)' in the City Council of Vigo. That same year (in December) she was nominated as Director General of Social Services in the 'Consellería de Sanidade e Servicios Sociais'. In September 2001, she ceased her functions as director general to enter the 'PP' lists in Pontevedra. On 21st October 2001, she was elected deputy in the Galician Parliament and shortly after, the president of the Xunta de Galicia nominated her as 'conselleira de Asuntos Sociais'. Nowadays, she is Mayor of Vigo.