María Celsa Abelaira Trigo

Category: Painter
Birth Date: In August 1943
Birth Place: A Coruña


She studied Teaching in Lugo (1962) and attended a course on Drawing at St Eloy School of Fine Arts of Salamanca (1978). In 1980 he moved to Lugo and studied with Luis Gómez Pacios until he died in 1983.

 Work & Activities


-1980: ‘Primeira Mostra de Corpus de Pintores Noveles Galegos’ (Lugo). She got a special mention for ‘Testa’.

-1979-1983: Several collective exhibitions at St Eloy School of Fine Arts (Salamanca).

-1983: She participated in several exhibitions. Together with other pupils of Pacios, she opened a private painting studio.

 Other Interesting Aspects

She is a member of the Association of Artists of Lugo since it was founded and takes part in all the collective exhibitions celebrated for different reasons and collaborations.