María Casares Pérez

Category: Actress
Birth Date: 21sr November 1922 (†1996)
Birth Place: A Coruña

When his father, the republican Santiago Casares Quiroga, was nominated Ministry of the Second Republic, she moved to Madrid with her family in 1931. In 1936, she went into exile and met the French actor Alcover in Le Perthus. In Paris he recommended her to some people who worked in the theatre and joined the Conservatoire in 1941. In 1978, she married André Schessler and adopted the French nationality.

 Work & Activities

Starting with her first performances in Berenice, Deirdredan Dones and Joan of Arc, she made a wonderful career. In 1985, she came back to Spain to perform Madone Lavelli and received a lot of prizes. The king Juan Carlos bestowed on her the great Cross of Isabel, the Catholic. Her theatre career was broad. Here are some of her most important plays: Estado de sitio, Seis personaxes en busca de autor, La mujer adúltera, Los hermanos Karamazov, El diablo y el buen Dios, Las epifanías, El juicio de Dios, El malentendido by Albert Camus, Yerma and so forth. She was also the actress of the films Les enfants du paradis by Marcel Carné, Les dames du Boulogne by Robert Bresson, Orfeo by Jean Cocteau, La séptima puerta, La Cartuja de Parma.... In 1980, the book of her remembrances was published. She described her parents and the years spent in A Coruña.