Ildefonso Gallego Asorey

Category: Doctor
Birth Date: February 1905 (†10th October 1983)
Birth Place: Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña)

Ildefonso Gallego Asorey was one of the most famous Galician doctors. He was passionately fond of the radio and reading and as a teacher, he taught Science at the only Secondary School that remained open in Vigo after the Civil War. He was the fourth of eleven brothers. Xosé managed the company 'Cross', three of them became doctors and Francisco, a famous ophthalmologist, carried out the first corneal transplant in Spain in 1944. His five sisters studied Teaching. Gallego Asorey was always a bright pupil. While he was studying Secondary Education, he got many prizes and he went on getting wonderful marks in the Faculty of Medicine at Santiago University, where he studied from 1921 to 1927. He took his degree with first class honours. He prepared for his doctor's degree for two years and then finished his studies, specialising in Otorhinolaryngology with Professor Fernando Casadesus Castells. He took part in a competitive examination to become a doctor in the Navy. He sailed on different boats for a long period of time until 1930 that he was successful in a public competition to become a doctor of the Military Health. At the same time, he became inspector of municipal hygiene and was appointed to Morocco, where he got the 'Rossete d'officer de Ovisam Alaouite'. Dr Gallego Asorey finished the Civil War in Mataró. He took part in the Republican side as he was in Madrid at the moment of the revolt. As a result, he was expelled from the Army when he was a captain. He married Professor Teresa Díaz Iglesias and established himself in Vigo during the 40's. He worked as an assistant lecturer at the only Secondary School that existed in Vigo at that moment. He opened a clinic to practise Otorhinolaryngology, where he was helped by his only child, Alfonso, and worked for the Social Security at he same time. He was also a very cultured man who spoke German, English and French.