Jontxu Argibay Sampedro

Category: Sculptor
Birth Date: 4th September 1976
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1994: He specialized in Sculpture at Maestro Mateo School in Santiago de Compostela.
2001: He studied Illustration at Pablo Picasso School in A Coruña.
2010-11: Instructor of a basic course on Sculpture for children (Ribeira).

 Work & Activities

1994: He designed a 2-metre sculpture for the firm “Lareira” (Lugo).
1996-97: “Acción” e “Acción 2”, Ribeira City Council.
1992-95: He created the Fanzine, the magazine ‘OArquivos do Tuto’ and the Comic Saloon (Ribeira).
1998: Sculpture for Herdeiros da Crus.
1999: “VIII Concurso de murales ó aire libre no Barbanza” (second prize).
1999-2001: Logotype and drawings for several firms and associations.
2002: He ended up his studied on illustration with the final-year project based in a story by X. M. Pena Sampedro.
2003: He created a sculpture for the ‘R.E.I. Cofradía de la Dorna de Ribeira’ out of solidarity with the volunteers of the Prestige in Corrubedo.
2003-06: He collaborated in the duplicate of several trophies for the ‘R.E.I. Cofradía de la Dorna’. 2000. Practice at “Bran Serigrafic” (A Coruña).
2001-2003: He worked for Ramón Conde, S.L. (Padrón, Milladoiro).
2003: He founded Arteleira Sculpture Workshop Arteleira (Ribeira).
2004: He made scale models for “Parque de San Alberto” Ethnographic Museum (Ribeira).
2004: He elaborated and reproduced gifts for Cabo de Cruz Festivities.
2005: He modelled and reproduced the “Inegiño”, a sculpture for the Galician Energy Institute - INEGA” (Santiago de Compostela).
2005: He created the trophies for the Music and Dance Contest, organized by the “Sociedad Recreativa de Calo”.
2005: He created some reliefs for “O Peirao” Pub (Ribeira).
2005: Bronze plaque for “La Armada invencible” (A Coruña).
2005: Several trophies for the Nautic Club of Ribeira.

1996: “Píndrions”, Painting, Drawing and Sculpture Exhibition. Maestre Mateo School, Rianxo, Ribeira y Porto do Son.
1996-97: Collective exhibition at “Mestre Mateo” Gallery (Santiago) and “Aquar-Elas”, painting and sculpture exhibition at Tránsito Pub (Ribeira).
1992-2002: Other exhibitions in A Coruña.
2001. Collective exhibition, Pupils of Pablo Picasso School (A Coruña). Nowadays, he is preparing exhibitions for “Arteleira” and several works for private people.
2007: Exhibition at the 10th edition of Isaac Díaz Pardo Plastic Art Contest (A Coruña)
2007: “Leiton e compañía” (collective exhibition), “Parque de San Roque” Museum (Ribeira)
2007: “Arteleira”, Raquel Fernández Soler Cultural Centre (Pobra do Caramiñal) 2009: “Arteleira”, Cultural Centre (Boiro)
2010: “Mar-Art”, Auditorium (Ribeira)
2011: Retrospective exhibition, C.I.C.B (Porto do Son) At the moment he is preparing exhibitions with “Arteleira” Group.

 Other Interesting Aspects

1999: “VIII Concurso de murais ó aire libre no Barbanza” (second prize). 2003: ‘XVII Certame Galego de Artes Plásticas Xuventude’, consolation prize for his sculpture “Corazón de Chapapote”.
2006: He was selected at “Antonio Fraguas-Fraguas” Contest, organized by A Coruña County Council, for his work “O grito no Ceo”.
2006: He was selected at “Ciudad de Ávila” Contest (Ávila).
2006: He designed and created “O Polbeiro”, a sculpture for Castiñeiras (Ribeira).
2007: Finalist at the 10th edition of Isaac Díaz Pardo Plastic Art Contest (A Coruña).
2008: Design of a sculpture titled “A Segadora” for Bretal - Olveira (Ribeira). 2010: Design and creation of a bronze relief for the 50th anniversary of the castaways’ life-saving in Corrubedo (Ribeira).