Manuel Soto Freire

Category: Publisher
Birth Date: 26th January 1826 († 27th March 1897)
Birth Place: Lugo

When he was still very young, Manuel Soto started to work as a typesetter in the printer ?Pujol? in Lugo. When he was twenty-five years old, he created his own company becoming the first editor that planned a complete publishing process in Galicia. He opened two great collections, one about religion and another one that had several sections. He published many works, being the most important for Galician culture the two first volumes of Historia de Galicia (Galician History) by Murguía and Gramática Gallega (Galician Grammar) by J.A. Saco y Arce. From 1869 onwards, his publishing house reached the crisis point because of his ideological intolerance towards the democratic freedom that involved press freedom.

 Work & Activities

As a journalistic businessman, he founded La Aurora del Miño (1857), the first newspaper in Lugo, La Paz (1869), carlist and liberal newspaper, La Fe (1873), Diario de Avisos (1858), Boletín del Clero del Obispado de Lugo (1860), Boletín Oficial de Ventas de Bienes Nacionales (1861) and the newspaper El Gallego (1867). ... He also wrote some journalistic and literary articles and the bibliographical essay La imprenta en Galicia, which was rewarded in 1868 by the National Library.