Luis Calvo Gómez

Category: Painter
Birth Date: In 1938
Birth Place: Marín (Pontevedra)


He moved to Ferrol with his family when he was a child. He is an autodidact and his first individual exhibition took place in 1960 at the gallery of Ferrol City Council. He exhibited his work all around Spain and abroad. He was included in ‘Enciclopedia Galega’, ‘Diccionario de Gravadores Contemporáneos’, ‘Pintura da Deputación Provincial (Aportacións)’, ‘Pintura Ferrolana’, ‘Enciclopedia Galega Universal’, ‘Guía de Artistas de Galicia’ (Xunta) and in different art magazines and books. He has a varied activity: oil painting, drawing, mural painting, watercolour and enamelled engravings.

 Work & Activities

1960. Ferrol City Council.
1963. AFFA Gallery.
1966. Ferrol City Council.
1968. Caja de Ahorros (Lugo).
1969. Association of Artists (A Coruña).
1970. Nova Sala (Ferrol).
1972. Association of Artists (A Coruña).
1974. Association of Artists (A Coruña).
1975. Torrado Gallery (Pontevedra).
1977. Ferrol City Council.
1978. Lyceum (Ourense) and Association of Artists (A Coruña).
1979. Ferrol City Council and Pontedeume City Council.
1986. Technical College (Ferrol).
1991. Association of Artists (A Coruña) and Caja de Ahorros (Ferrol).
1992. Athenaeum (Ferrol).
1995. Caixavigo Gallery (Vigo).
2000. Valle Inclán Museum (Pobra do Caramiñal).

1964. ‘I Certamen de Pintura Gallega’, Círculo de las Artes (Lugo) and Charitable Exhibition in Ferrol.
1966. ‘I Certame Imperio de Pintura’ (A Coruña).
1967. ‘O Grilón’ Group (Ferrol).
1968. Exhibition-Auction C. Mediodía TVE (Work by San Juan de Dios. Seville - Madrid).
1969. First Art Biennial Exhibition (Pontevedra) and First Painting Exhibition, Information and Tourism Centre (A Coruña).
1971. First National Art Triennial Exhibition (Santiago).
1972. ‘I Salón de Mayo de Arte Ferrolano’ (Ferrol) and ‘Virgen de la Encina’ Fifth National Painting Prize (Ponferrada), selected for the exhibition in León.
1974. ‘II Salón de Arte Ferrolano’ (Ferrol and A Coruña), ‘Virxe da Encina’ Seventh Painting Contest (Ponferrada) and Exhibition-Auction homage to Castelao, Athenaeum (Ourense).
1975. ‘VIII Premio de Pintura Caja de Ahorros de León’.
1977. Exhibition homage to ‘Sprinter’, Torrado Gallery (Pontevedra).
1978. ‘Cidade de Mondoñedo’ Fourth Painting and Sculpture Contest.
1983. Exhibition-auction for C. Dolores (Ferrol).
1984. ‘I Premio Máximo Ramos’ Graphic Art Exhibition (Ferrol) and ‘Ciudad de Burgos’ First National Engraving Prize (Burgos).
1985. ‘Máximo Ramos’ Second International Engraving Prize (Ferrol).
1989. ‘J. Pérez Villamil’ Third Drawing Prize (Ferrol).
1991. ‘Feitura’, Image - Engraving (Ferrol).
1992. ‘O Grilón’ Group, BBV Gallery (Ferrol) and ‘Feitura’, Athenaeum (Ferrol).
1994. 9th Art Saloon of the Celtic Countries, Lorient (France).

 Other Interesting Aspects

1957. He was awarded the first prize and a scholarship at the Provincial Painting Contest of A Coruña; first prize and scholarship) and participated in the First National Art Contest, celebrated in Navacerrada and Madrid.
1959. Second prize (drawing) at the Provincial Art Contest of A Coruña and ‘Primera exposición de Artistas Jóvenes de Ferrol’ (first prize).
1971. Second prize at the National Poster Contest (Pontevedra).
1973. Second prize at the Touristic Poster Contest (Information and Tourism Centre).
1974. Third watercolour prize at the Third Provincial Painting Exhibition (A Coruña).
1980. Special prize at the Poster Contest of Arzúa (A Coruña).
1983. ‘Agrupación C.D. Santa Marina’ awarded him the silver tray of the association.