José Fernández Ferro

Pseudonym: Ferro
Category: Sportsman and businessman
Birth Date: 11th January 1946
Birth Place: Vigo
 Work & Activities

He played basketball in the following teams: 'Bosco', 'Estudiantes', 'M. Álvarez', 'C.R.C.' and 'Ademar' (Vigo). He trained the feminine teams 'Cluny' and 'Carmelitas'. He was selected twice by the Galician Basketball Selection. He was the president of the Galician Basketball Federation (South Area), the Basketball Federation of Pontevedra, the Basketball Federation of Vigo and vice-president of the Galician Basketball Federation. He is also responsible for sport at school and treasurer of the Trade Federation and the Association of Merchants from Vigo. Nowadays, he is the first vice-president of the Communication Federation of Pontevedra, member of the Businessmen Confederation of Pontevedra and director of 'Cristo de la Victoria' Brotherhood.