Víctor Martínez de las Heras

Category: Journalist


He registered in the Faculty of Medicine in Santiago but he gave up soon. Then he began to practise Journalism, being very careful with censorship of that time.

 Work & Activities

He carried out his profession in almost all Galician newspapers such as La Noche de Santiago, La Hoja Oficial del Lunes (edited by the Press Association) and El Pueblo Gallego, all of them disappeared. El Pueblo Gallego has recently come out again thanks to Victor Martínez de las Heras and other friends. He has also founded and edited other publications such as 'Informa Gráfico', 'El Pope', 'Informe Gallego' and some others with an important repercussion in Latin America to serve Galician people living there.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He has been awarded several prizes, some of them very important for him such as the medal of the City Council of Vigo in 1999. He was the first Galician in the South area to take a degree in Information Sciences ('Complutense' University - Madrid).