Fernando Quesada Porto

Pseudonym: Quesada
Category: Painter, sketcher and civil servant
Birth Date: 27th August 1933
Birth Place: Ourense


He is the third brother of a family of painters (Antonio Quesada, Carlos Quesada, Jaime Quesada, Marieta Quesada, Poti Quesada, Xandro Quesada and Jaime Quesada Jr.). He started his activity as a graphic humorist in the newspaper Faro de Vigo in 1961. Shortly after, he collaborated in the newspaper Pueblo de Madrid and the magazines 'Blanco y Negro', 'Interviú', 'Cambio 16', 'La Actualidad Española', 'La Codorniz', 'Telerradio', 'Posible', 'Leer', etc.

 Work & Activities

He published ten graphic books set in Galicia. Some of his works can be found in 'Castrelos' Museum (Vigo) and 'Gabroro' Museum (Bulgaria). He carried out about sixty exhibitions in Vigo, Ourense, Pontevedra, A Coruña, Lugo, Vilagarcía, O Barco and Pontevedra. He also made itinerant exhibitions organised by the Foreign Office in Buenos Aires, Caracas, Lima, La Paz, Quito, Lisbon, etc.

 Other Interesting Aspects

These are some of the most important prizes he got: 'Mingote' Spanish Press Prize organised by the newspaper ABC; 'Plomada Agromán' Prize; 'Populares de Pueblo' Prize, 'Xunta de Galicia' Prize (on two occasions), 'Reconquista' Prize organised by the City Council of Vigo, 'Moros y Cristianos' Prize, ONCE Prize and 'Vieira de Ouro' Prize. He is married to the painter Ana Legido and has six children (two of them died). He combined his artistic activity with his work as a civil servant. He filled the offices of chief inspector of the Service of Customs Vigilance and provincial director of this service in Pontevedra. He retired in August 1998.