Alexandre Bóveda Iglesias

Category: Political activist
Birth Date: 4th June 1903 († 17th August 1936)
Birth Place: Ourense

He left his native city, Ourense, and got a job in Madrid at the Ministry of Finance as a chief of the Accounts Department. He also worked as a civil servant at the local tax office in Pontevedra. In 1930, the took part in the Seminary of Galician Studies to elaborate the economical part of the Statute of Galician Autonomy. He was elected as Secretary of the Galician Party, which defended the rights of the Galician people. When the war broke out in 1934, Alexandre Bóveda went to Cádiz into exile. Due to the events that took place in July 1936, he was taken to prison and sentenced to death.

 Work & Activities

His political activity focussed on the problems of Galicia. When he was still very young, he published his first article in the newspaper La Zarpa about the railway Ourense-Zamora. He made also several articles and lectures about aspects of the Galician Statute.