Manuel Fraga Iribarne

Category: Politician and writer
Birth Date: 23rd november 1922 († 15th january 2012)
Birth Place: Vilalba (Lugo)

He took his degree in Political and Economical Sciences and a doctor's degree in Law. After a public competition, he was admitted in 1945 to the counsel corps of the Spanish Parliament. Two years later he was admitted to the Diplomatic School. In 1948, he got a chair in Political Law at Valencia University. In 1953, he got the chair of Government's Theory and Constitutional Law at the Complutense University (Madrid). He started his political activity in 1951 as general secretary of the Institute of Hispanic Culture. In 1953, he became general secretary of the National Education Board. From 1955 to 1958 he worked as general secretary at the Ministry of Education and as secretary of the Foreign Committee of the Spanish Parliament from 1958 to 1962. In 1961, he became president of the Institute of Political Studies and from 1962 to 1969 he directed the Ministry of Information and Tourism. He also became ambassador in London (1973-1975), vice-president of the Government to deal with home affairs and Minister of the Interior in the first Government of the monarchy (1975-76). He was a member of the committee in charge of drafting the Spanish Constitution, national deputy and member of the European Parliament. He was the president of the Galician autonomous government from 1990 to 2005. He was senator until 2011.

 Work & Activities

Manuel Fraga wrote 90 libros, most of which deal with political science and Government's Theory. When he was Minister of Information and Tourism he promoted the creation of the state-owned hotel network; he made Spain be a tourist power to the extent of turning this sector into the first industry of the country. He promoted the passing of the Law for Press and Printing (1966), which, among other liberalizing measures, abolished the previous censorship. As president of the Galician Government, he took part in the process of autonomic development. This implied an increase in responsibilities for Galicia. He also got notable improvements in communications, economical growth, health, education and foreign influence.

 Other Interesting Aspects

Manuel Fraga was conferred the title of 'doctor honoris causa' at nine Universities. He was member of the Academy of Moral and Political Sciencies. He was the president and founder of the political party 'Partido Popular' and took part in several European organizations such as the Committee of Regions or the Conference of Peripheric and Maritime Regions in Europe. He received many national and international medals.