José Mª Núñez Pérez

Birth Date: 10th June 1951
Birth Place: O Cebreiro (Lugo)

He entered the Seminary of Lugo in 1964, where he studied Humanities and Philosophy. Then, he studied Philosophy for two years Santiago de Compostela University. Shortly after, he moved to Madrid and took a degree in Law at Complutense University. In 1982, he entered the Corps of Finance Inspectors and worked in the offices of Lérida and León. He was he head of the tax offices in Ponferrada and Granollers, head of the Tax collector’s office in Vigo and the chief tax inspector of Ourense. Nowadays, he is the chief tax inspector of Lugo. He was also treasury manager at Price Water House-Coopers for three years on leave of absence.

 Work & Activities

As he is the president of the association ‘Amigos del Camino de Santiago de O Cebreiro’, he organised many pilgrimage meetings and participated in the arrangement of the section that links O Cebreiro and some places of the French way. He directs a Music School in O Cebreiro and an art gallery and exhibition centre in the same town. He is keen on poetry and philosophy.

 Other Interesting Aspects

Apart from his professional dedication to the tax administration, he feels passion for Jacob’s way, pilgrimage and cultural events.