Carlos Sobrino Rivas

Category: Pianist
Birth Date: 25th February 1861 (†17th January 1927)
Birth Place: Pontevedra

He began to study Music when he was eight and being still very young he moved to Madrid to study Architecture but he soon gave up to devote himself to Music. At the end of the 19th century and in September 1900, he gave some concerts in Pontevedra, his native city. After improving his musical studies and living in New York for fourteen years, he established himself in London in 1898. He gave important recitals in the USA and European countries such as Denmark, Austria, England, Holland, Poland and Germany, where he was very successful. In 1905, he became a Professor of the Royal Guild-Hall School of Music of London.

 Work & Activities

In London he performed for the first time a symphony about a French mountain sing, also known as 'Sinfonía Cénevole' by Vincent D'Indy for piano and orchestra.

 Other Interesting Aspects

Carlos Sobrino gave recitals together with important artists such as Sarasate, Adelina Patti, Rabos and Rubio.