Manuel Castro Núñez

Category: Forester
Birth Place: Narla, Friol (Lugo)

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He started his professional activity of 4th October 1950, only interrupted by the military service on 22nd February 1958. He did his training at Isabel la Católica Regiment in A Coruña. Then he moved to Santa Cruz de Parga Camp on 5th April. He pledged allegiance on 2nd May and he promoted to infantry first officer on the 25th of June. He discharged on 31st July de 1959 and established himself in Narla, Friol (Lugo) and went on working on the forestry sector. Afterwards, he moved to O Cebreiro. In 1968, he joined the Forester Corps of the ICONA, included in the Ministry of Agriculture. During that period, he met Delfina Alba, from Vilar de San Andrés, and married her in 1971. He established permanently in Pedrafita do Cebreiro. In the late eighties, the ICONA joined the Xunta de Galicia, so on 1st January 1989, he entered the Forestry Service of the Xunta de Galicia, until he retired on 2nd March 2001.