Elías Regueira García

Category: Photographer and graphic designer
Birth Date: April 14, 1969
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He is art and photography director of ‘Az Comunicación’ and designer of ‘Faro de Vigo’. He started his activity in ‘Diario 16 de Galicia’, going on with the scale modelling, edition and system department in the same newspaper. He also worked as a designer and infographer in ‘Atlántico Diario’, ‘MetaSport’ and ‘Anuntis’. He also worked as a photographer for ‘Metrópolis’ for several years and always as a ‘freelance’.

 Work & Activities

He designed again ‘Faro de Vigo’ and 'O Comercio do Porto'.
He designed the following web pages:
www.javierteniente.com , for the photographer Javier Teniente.
www.irindo.com , web of Ir Indo publishing house.

 Other Interesting Aspects

'Problemática infantil en el mundo' at Milan University was his lasts photographic exhibition. Web page: www.eliregueira.com