Juan José Esteban Gómez

Pseudonym: Juanillo Esteban
Category: Actor, scriptwriter, singer and clown
Birth Date: 12th April 1968
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He attended courses on video and TV production, dubbing, performance, clown and fiction and Performance Dinamics scripts.

 Work & Activities

He worked in the following programmes on Galician TV: ‘Máxima Audiencia’, ‘Rías Baixas,’ ‘Avenida de América’, ‘Fíos’, ‘Pratos Combinados’, ‘Xabarín Club’, ‘Nos, os Consumidores’ and ‘Fatal, Fatal, Fatal’. He has also experience in theatre and music. He wrote ‘Yoni medio gramo’ (2002-2005) and founded ‘Alacrán Teatro’ (1995) and collaborated as an actor and composer in the play ‘A Matanza dos Seixas’ (1993) and actor in ‘Lenda’ (1993) and ‘Solos, Perdidos y Viciosos’ (1992). He did a monologue with Manuel Manquiña (written by A. Blanco) and was the singer of the following rock groups: ‘Los Recienes’ and ‘Sporting Transilvania’ (1990 - 2000).