Antonio Carro Martínez

Category: Professor
Birth Date: In 1923
Birth Place: Lugo

He spent his childhood and youth in his native city, where he studied Primary and Secondary Education as well as Teaching. He took a degree in the Faculty of Law at Santiago University and shortly after his doctor's degree at Complutense University, where he also took a degree in Political and Economical Sciences. After a public competition, he entered several corps of the General Administration. He was also a Professor of Political Law in the Faculties of Law and Political Sciences at Complutense University (Madrid) and legal representative of the Council of State. In 1995, he married Lucia Marina de Orta and had five children: Lucía, Antonio, Marta, Delia and Ignacio. He was a member of the Institute of Political Studies, the International Institute of Administrative Sciences, the Spanish Association of Political Science and the Spanish Association of Administrative Sciences. He founded and edited the magazine 'Documentación Administrativa' and belonged to the editorial staff of the magazines 'Administración Pública' and 'Dereito Urbanístico'. He took part in several interministerial committees and international congresses. He was also the president of the Committee of Health and Social Welfare in the First Plan of Economical and Social Development. He was on the first group that tackled the administrative reform in Spain. He was Secretary General at the Ministry of the Interior for nine years. He also directed the Institute for Studies about the Local Administration. In 1974, he became director general of Local Administration. He was a Member of Parliament in two sessions, representing the Institute of Political Studies. He was also a deputy in four more sessions of the political party 'Partido Popular', elected in Lugo.

 Work & Activities

He published a book about Political Law (3 editions), which was used as a text book in several universities. He also published other books, brochures and articles in many national and international magazines about subjects related to Political Law.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He got the following distinctions: honorary citizen in Lugo and Santiago and ?Comendador? with an honourable medal. He also got the Great Crosses of Charles III, Cisneros, ?del Yugo y las Flechas? and ?Sanidad?.