Luis Fernando Longueira Carballo

Pseudonym: Longueira
Category: Journalist
Birth Date: 15th June 1947
Birth Place: A Coruña

He worked as a correspondent for South American TV in A Coruña from 1975 to 1985 and for 'Galicia-Press' News Agency in 1985. He was nominated as director of TVISA Radio and TV until 1990. It was then that he became a correspondent of the most important weekly papers in Portugal ('O Emigrante - Mundo Portugues' and 'Lusitano'). Since 1995, he has also been a correspondent of the Portuguese newspaper 'Jornal de Noticias' in A Coruña. In 1996, he became a correspondent in A Coruña of the Portuguese newspapers 'Amadora Sintra', 'Falcao do Miño' and 'Almada-Press'. So, at the moment, he is the official representative of the Portuguese press in Spain and Galicia. He was the head of the Service of Quality Control in the company 'Elaborados Metálicos, S.A.' (EMESA) in A Coruña.

 Work & Activities

He is a member of the Association of Spanish Sports Press, the International Association of Sports Press and the Associations of Press, Radio and TV. He got a diploma in Architecture, delineation and diving.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He likes cinema, video films, documentaries about diving and underwater fishing.