Luís A. Cordero Rego

Category: Professor and writer
Birth Date: 6th September 1946
Birth Place: Guitiriz (Lugo)
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He took a doctor's degree in Mathematics at Santiago de Compostela University in 1971. He has been a Professor of Geometry and Topology since 1975 (Valladolid University 1975-76, La Laguna University 1976-79 and Santiago University since 1979). He has been a member of the Galician Academy of Sciences since 1982 and member of the Canarian Academy of Sciences since 1995. He filled the following offices: vice-dean of the Faculty of Mathematics at Santiago University, director of the Department of Geometry and Topology at Santiago University, member of the Commission of Doctorate at Santiago University and member of the Scientific Commission of the Xunta of Galicia.

 Work & Activities

He directed five doctoral thesis and published eighty research articles about Differential Geometry in different magazines. He published four 'recordings' of international congresses and the following books: Differential Geometry of France Bundles, (1988), together with M. de León and C. T. I. Dodson; Geometría Diferencial de Curvas y Superficies con Mathematica (1995), together with M. Fernández and A. Grey.

 Other Interesting Aspects

In 1987, he got the Research Prize awarded by the County Council of Pontevedra. In 1993, he got the Research Prize awarded by the Canarian Academy of Sciences.