Adolfo Vázquez Gómez

Category: Journalist and writer
Birth Date: 18th August 1869 (†25th July 1950)
Birth Place: Ferrol (A Coruña)

After finishing Secondary Education in Lugo, he started his military career although he then gave up to devote himsef to Journalism. He worked in the newspapers ‘El Regional’, ‘Galicia Moderna’, ‘Galicia Liberal’, ‘La República’ and ‘El Combate’. In 1886, he had to travel to Portugal into exile for trying a revolt. In Lisbon he worked for the newspapers ‘El Galleguito’, ‘España’ and ‘A sentinela da Fronteira’. In 1887, he left to France but he returned to Portugal one year later. In 1889, he was amnestied and returned to Galicia, to Betanzos, where he collaborated in several newspapers. Then he lived in A Coruña and shortly after he returned to Argentina, where he went on working as a journalist. In 1893, he moved to Montevideo (Uruguay), where he lived until 1904, although he spent three years in Buenos Aires.

 Work & Activities

These are some of the most important books he wrote: Socialismo y librepensamiento; Mesa revuelta; El país del prodigio; La masonería. Su pasado, su presente y su futuro; Nuevos rumbos educacionales; La democracia portuguesa; Ecos de combate, etc. He gave many lectures in Europe and South America.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was the president of the following institutions in Betanzos: ‘Ateneo Obrero’, ‘Centro Republicano Federal’ and ‘Orfeón Eslava’.