Lucía Pérez Vizcaíno

Pseudonym: Lucía Pérez
Category: Singer
Birth Date: 5th July 1985
Birth Place: O Incio (Lugo)
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When she was still a girl, she began to participate in many TV programmes for children, contests and festivals, being the winner on several occasions. In parallel with her artistic activity, Lucía Pérez studied solfa and classic guitar in Lugo and Oviedo. At the moment she is studying her last year of Pedagogy, after having finished Education (Music section).

 Work & Activities

When she was hardly 17, she won “Canteira de cantareiros” on TVG. It was then that she recorded “Amores y amores” in 2003, which had a great success and made her get the Galician Gold Record. In 2005 she was awarded the Disco-Pop Prize for Galician Soloists and at the end of that same year she brought out her second album, “El Tiempo Dirá...”. That same year she was elected to represent Spain at Viña del Mar Festival with “Que haría contigo”, a song written by Chema Purón. She was very successful in this festival and got the second position among the three finalists.

In 2006 she travelled to Chile and Argentina again, performing in Valparaíso, Viña, Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires and Rosario.

That same year, the Academy of Music elected her song "Amarás miña terra" as finalist candidate for the Best Song in Galician language for the Music Awards.

In December 2008 she presented her third album, “Volar por los tejados”, in Spain and Chile and carried out many concerts all around Spain. In February 2009 she participated again in Viña del Mar Festival with the song “Este amor es tuyo” and carried out many concerts in that country. In April that same year she was elected to perform Galician Hymn before thousands of people during the election of the president of Galician Autonomous Region at the Plaza del Obradoiro (Santiago de Compostela).

During the first months of 2010 she recorded “Dígocho en galego”, which was the first album in Galician language. In this album she included “O Incio”, a song written by her and Chema Purón, to pay homage to her native village. She competed with singers of all the Spanish autonomous regions at the first Gayvisión Festival, celebrated in Torremolinos in October 2010, and was the winner of the contest. In January and February 2011, after a hard preselection process, she participated in “Destino a Eurovisión” on TVE, being elected to represent Spain at the Eurovision Festival 2011 with “Que me quiten lo bailao”, a song written by R. Artesero.


 Other Interesting Aspects



-“Vieira de Honor a la Calidad Artística”.

-“Galicia Sexta Provincia” (she was awarded the prize for revelation artist).

-“Lucense del Año” and “Hija Predilecta” in O Incio for her contribution to transmit the values of his village.