Lluis Bagaría

Category: Graphic artist and humorist
Birth Date: In 1882 (†In 1940)
Birth Place: Barcelona

When he was still a child, he moved to Mexico with his family, where he lived until he was eighteen. In 1902, his first humorous sketch appeared in the newspaper ?El Rector de Valfogona? and one year later, in 1903, he made his first exhibition with Nonell and Josep María Xiró at 'Parés' Gallery in Barcelona. In this same gallery, he made another exhibition in 1905, which was a revelation for his particular way of seeing things surpassing modernism. In 1906, he collaborated with the weekly paper Or y Grana and the Catalan magazine ?De Tots Colors?. In 1908, he travelled to Cuba with the theatre group 'Eric Borrás'. He met Antón Vilar Ponte in Cuba, who nominated him as artistic director when he was the editor of the newspaper Diario Español. In 1911, he came back from Cuba and worked in Madrid in the newspaper La Tribuna. In 1913, he went to A Coruña on a trip organised by the newspaper where he was working and made an exhibition at 'Tizón' Gallery. Besides, he met Antón Vilar Ponte again, who was collaborating with La Voz de Galicia at that moment. In 1914, he made an exhibition in Madrid with María Blanchard and Diego Rivera and one year later, he began to collaborate with the newspapers España and El Parlamentario. In 1917, he exhibited his works at 'Bernhard Smith' Gallery in London and began to collaborate in the newspaper El Sol until 1936. In 1926, he travelled to Buenos Aires, where he carried out a very successful exhibition. One year and a half later, he came back to Spain and worked in El Sol again. In 1936, he began to collaborate in La Vanguardia and O Criticón. After his son's death, he left Barcelona in 1938 and travelled to Paris, where he made several exhibitions and collaborated in the republican newspaper Voz de Madrid, which was censored by the French government.