Moisés Díaz Freijomil

Category: Inventor
Birth Date: 21st May 1910 († 20th April 1965)
Birth Place: Labrada - Guitiriz (Lugo)

He was a born inventor and showed his abilities for mechanic design very early. He worked as a turner officer in the repair shop of Bazán Dockyard.

He emigrated to Buenos Aires, where he arrived on 14th July 1950 together with his wife, María Díaz Lage.

According to the Argentinian Patent Office, Moisés Díaz Freijomil invented an industrial-use device which consisted of a machine that allows the simultaneous hole-punching of groups of paper sheets. This mechanism replaced press hole-punching and implied a very important contribution to graphic industry.

He was also the author of many other unregistered inventions (centrifugal bombs for heavy fluids and machines for sharpening and setting saws for wood industry).

He died at the Galician Centre of Buenos Aires without being able to return to Galicia.