Justo Calviño Cruz

Category: Writer
Birth Date: 27th May 1960
Birth Place: Toén (Ourense)

After studying in the Seminary and A Ponte Secondary School, he began to work as a civil servant in the Social Security Office and studied Hispanic Philology in Pontevedra but he gave up when he moved to Mondoñedo. Nowadays, he lives in San Lourenzo de Piñor, Barbadás (Ourense).

 Work & Activities

He was finalist of ‘Cidade de Ourense’ Poetry Prize (1984) and ‘Casa da Xuventude’ Tale Contest (1985). He also appears in ‘Galicia 1990’, an anthology of poets published in Ferrol. He wrote ‘El Hospital Santo Cristo de Piñor y su relación con el pueblo en los 50 primeros años de su existencia’ (1999), ‘Guía municipal de Barbadás’ (2000), ‘Poemas indómitos’ (2001), ‘Cousas da mala lúa’, a book of short stories and poems (2002) and ‘Barbadás, tradición y modernidad’, a research book (2003). He sometimes collaborates writing articles for ‘La Voz de Galicia’ and ‘La Región’.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was the president of several neighbour and cultural associations: Piñor Neighbourhood Association and Frouma Cultural Association. He also held several public posts: councillor responsible for Culture and Civil Protection in Barbadás, member of the Education and Culture Commission in the Galician Federation of Municipalities and Provinces. Nowadays, he is the cultural coordinator at the City Council of Barbadás and is the president of the Patronage of the Music School of this village as well as the Music and Culture Association of Galicia. He is also on the board of directors of the Galician Federation of Popular Music Bands, directs the firm ‘Cultura e Desenvolvemento Social, S.L.’ and goes on working as a civil servant at the Social Security Office in Ourense.