Julio Modesto Giz Ramil

Pseudonym: Xulio Xiz
Category: Journalist
Birth Date: 17th February 1947
Birth Place: Vilalba (Lugo)
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He studied Teaching and took a degree in Information Sciences. He is the director of the firms Ophiusa and Galicia Dixital and works as a civil servant in the ‘Consellería de Cultura’. He worked at ‘Radio Popular de Lugo’ (1968-1985) and ‘El Ideal Gallego’ in Lugo (1968-1985). He directed cultural programmes in the Galician Radio such as ‘A Radio máis Nova’, ‘Galicia pobo a pobo’ (a summary was published in a book), ‘Amigos’ and ‘Literatura viva’. Nowadays he collaborates in ‘Radio Popular de Vilalba’. From 1983 to 1989, he was the head of staff of the presidency in the City Council of Lugo and director of the Culture Centre, organising during this period over a thousand cultural events. Together with Marcial González Vigo he got about twenty national and international radio and TV prizes such as ‘Bimilenario de Lugo’ International Radio Prize, ‘Ciudad de Salou’ National Radio and TV Prize, ‘Lotería Nacional’ National Radio Prize, I.N.D.O. National Prize, ‘Rosalía de Castro’ National Prize, Tourism National Prize, ‘La Mancha’ Radio Prize and the Radio-TV World Prize, Majorca, 1980.

 Work & Activities

The scripts of ‘Bimilenario de Lugo’, ‘Ciudad de Salou’ and Rosalía de Castro Prizes were published in the books "El Dios de Roma que lloró por Lugo" (1979), "Salou, novia del mar" (1980) and "Medio cento de galegos e Rosalía" (1983) respectively. He also published several books of Everest collection: "Láncara, para vivir", "Monterroso en las tierras de Ulloa", "El Belén de Begonte", "Palas de Rei, regio palacio", "Los Ancares, fuerza vital", "Lugo"... and coordinated the books "Os escritores lucenses arredor de Fole" and "Autores lucenses actuais". Besides, he edited ‘Praza Maior’, the bulletin of the City Council of Lugo.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He has directed over fifty video productions, being the collection ‘Videoteca de Galicia’ one of the most outstanding ones. Together with Carlos Rodriguez Arias, he created OPHIUSA Video Producer and Publications in 1986. In 1994, he created the first local television ‘TELEVISIÓN LUGO’, which he directed until November 1998 and the web site GALICIA DIXITAL in 2000.

As president of Fonmiñá Association, he was elected member of the FACNO (Federation of the Northwest Culltural Associations) in June 2010.