Julio A. Méndez Menéndez de Llano

Category: Civil servant and cultural activist
Birth Date: 10th April 1946
Birth Place: Tineo (Asturias)
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He became a member of the association ‘Cántigas e Frores’ in 1962, taking part in the choir and the dance group. Then he became a dance teacher and directed the dance group of this association for some time. Since 1971, he has been responsible for the cultural association 'Cántigas e Frores', which was founded in 1948. In this association, he filled the office of general secretary and he was the president until 2004. He was the founder and first president of the Galician Federation of Dance Groups. Shortly after, he became president again until January 2000. He was also the founder, first vice-president and president of the Spanish Federation of Folklore Groups. Since 1983, he has organised twenty courses of Galician traditional culture that are carried out in Lugo every year. He also directed the First Folklore Conference of the Historical Communities and Nationalities, developed in Santiago de Compostela in January 1985 and organised by the 'Consellería de Education e Cultura'. He organised the First Conference about Galician Folklore, which took place in Lugo in December 1985 and was responsible for the Festivals of the Spanish Communities and the European Towns, which took place in Galicia in 1983-86. On several occasions, he was a member of the organising committee of the International Open-air Dance and the honourable committees of the first Conferences about Andalusian Folklore (Granada, 1986 and Seville, 1988). Besides, he was a member of the Technical Cabinet of the 'Conselleiro de Education e Cultura' (1984-86) and a councillor responsible for Culture in the City Council of Lugo (1987-91). It was in the last stage of this session that he became deputy mayor. He was also a councillor in the City Ccouncil of Lugo during the session 1991-95.

Since 1999 he has been a member of ‘Lugh’ Choir from Lugo and he has attended courses on vocal technique, directed by Julio Domínguez, Fernando Gómez Jácome and Aiblin Brito.

In 2013, he created LECERLUGO association, and he was designed president. From september 2014, he is general secretary in that association.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He holds the Silver Badge of the Galician Centre of Zaragoza (1977), the Gold Badge of ‘Cántigas e Frores’ (1985), the Silver Plaque of the Galician Choral Federation (1985) and the Gold Medal of the Galician Federation of Dance Groups (2001).