Ramón Pérez Costales

Category: Doctor and politician
Birth Date: In August 1832 (†In 1911)
Birth Place: Oviedo

He began to study Medicine in Oviedo but he finished his career and took his degree in Santiago de Compostela. After spending some years in the Corps of Military Health in A Coruña, he worked as a private doctor and established himself in this city. Owing to his political activity, he had to go to Portugal into exile for two years. He returned in 1868 after Isabel II's dethronement and took an active part in the Republican Party. In 1873, he was elected Ministry of Works at Pi y Margall's government but after Pavía's coup d'état, he had to go again into exile. When he returned to A Coruña, he participated in the restoration of the Republican Party and carried out an important humanitarian activity. He founded two schools and participated in the foundation of the association 'Cocina Económica Coruñesa' being the president.

 Work & Activities

In addition to his political activity, he wrote two poetry books, one of them prologued by Emilia Pardo Bazán.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was the president of the College of Doctors, the Academy of Medicine and Surgery and editor of the Bulletin of the College of Doctors. He was also nominated as honorary president of the Galician Academy.