Julio Cougil Vázquez

Category: Teacher
Birth Date: 23rd March 1948
Birth Place: Cortegada de Baños (Ourense)

He took a degree in Teaching (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 1969), Portuguese Language (Coimbra University, 1986), Romance Philology (Barcelona University, 1988), Galician Language (Consellería de Educación, Santiago, 1988) and Physical Education (Barcelona University, Escuela Normal SANS, 1989). Since 1978, he has been working as a teacher and filling several offices at 'Pío XII' School (Cornellá), 'Montserratina' School (Viladecans) and 'J. Mestres I Busquets' Secondary Education. He is a member and one of the founders of 'Saudade' Galician Cultural Association (Barcelona), of which he has also been the secretary since 1981. He collaborates in the coordination of several magazines such as 'Lúa Nova' of 'Rosalía de Castro' Association, 'Empresa y Sociedad, S.A.', 'LA' of 'Fundala' Association, 'Xurdimento' and 'Revista del Centro Gallego NS'.

 Work & Activities

He has attended many seminars, courses and conferences but he has also carried out other activities such as the organisation of an amateur theatre group at 'Saudade' Association, performing three plays in Galician language. He also taught solfa and Galician language in this association. He collaborated in the inauguration of 'Hemanos Amat Targa' School and organised a school theatre group during the school year 1983-84. He coordinated and collaborated in the cross competition at 'Montserratina' School, encouraging participation of pupils and young people. In 1984, he collaborated in the summer camps for schoolchildren from 'Montserratina' School in Matadepera. In 1988, he collaborated in the cultural exchange between pupils from 'Montserratina' School and 'Patricio Prazeres' School in Lisbon (Portugal). During the school year 1989-90, he trained the youngest basketball teacm of 'Montserratina' School.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He also directs and presents two radio programmes in Galician language titled 'Galegos no Baix' and 'Saudade' and collaborates with 'Anduriña' and 'Zarabanda' Theatre Groups. Julio Cougil also promotes and collaborates in 'Rosalía de Castro' Poetry Prize in Cornellá. He has been the secretary for over ten years and helps to publish the first book that compiles the first ten prizes.