Nelson Quinteiro

Category: Actor, singer, dancer, street artist and stage manager
Birth Date: 9th May 1979
Birth Place: Cangas do Morrazo (Pontevedra)

He created and has been directing the Galician Cabaret Festival. He also directs and coordinates Femme Fatale Theatre Company. In 2009 he created Compostela Carpa Cabaret that celebrated the centenary of the Galician Regional Fair of 1909 during the Apostle Festivities. He has a long career in traditional dance and song and has presented numerous shows alone or with CONTRA2 Company, sharing his project with Iván Villar. Since 2005 he has been living Workshops on theatre and voice all around Galicia and Euskadi. In 2010 he reached an agreement with Hacería Arteak (Bilbao) to create a theatre company focused on cabaret and street art language.



 Work & Activities

He directed the five editions of the Galician Cabaret Festival, Compostela Carpa Cabaret, “Noches Efervescentes” (Ferrol), “Son de Pé” (Cangas do Morrazo) and “Música en Tempos” (Pontevedra). With Femme Fatale he created, directed and performed the following plays: ‘Lerchas’, ‘Varadas’, ‘Cabarédeambulante’, ‘Cabaréncrise’, ‘Ronda Poética’ and ‘Bonjour Bonjour!’. With Compañía CONTRA2 he presented ‘As Mans Perdidas’ and ‘Danza e Contradanza’.

 Other Interesting Aspects

In 2004, he collaborated in “Luar” on Galician TV. He made the opening speech of the Carnival in Compostela (2009) and the Apostle Festivities (2009). He studied Political Sciences and Administration, although his professional career took different ways. In 2002 and 2003 he worked as an advisor at A Coruña County Council.