Luis Pérez Vila


He was the head of the local Police Corps of Lugo for thirty five years. On 2nd January 1969, he entered the Corps as head NCO of the local Police Corps of Lugo. As Manuel Silvosa Picos (head officer) retired in 1974, he held his position and status and became the youngest police chief in Spain.
When he saw the vacancies in the local police were at the disposal of the retired staff of the Armed Forces, he took the necessary steps so that all vacancies could be covered by young candidates in a public competition.
As a result of these actions, one of the first official Police Academy was created in Lugo so that in the successive public competitions the candidates could stay for a minimum period of time there. Today the General Academy in A Estrada carries out the police training for all police officers in Galicia.

Luis Pérez Vila also got important improvement for the material at the disposal of the local police corps and a staff increase, going from ninety police officers in the late 70’s to a hundred and thirty a few years later.

During his term of office, the police corps moved to new comfortable facilities and he got the creation of units and brigades within the staff as well as command posts to be in charge of them. About forty members were promoted to a higher post.

This affected positively not only those who promoted but also in the creation of applauded and approved brigades: daily and night security, drug, statement, district police, signalling, administration and works.

In the last years of his professional life, he promoted to head inspector. He retired in September 2009.