Juana de Vega

Category: Philanthropist
Birth Date: In 1805 (†In 1872)
Birth Place: A Coruña

During Espartero’s regency, she worked as governess of Isabel II, who was under age at that moment. She married the progressive general Espoz y Mina, who was a partisan fighting for independence. After her husband’s death in 1836, whe was awarded the title Countess of Espoz y Mina. After finishing her duty as governess of Isabel II, she returned to her native city, where she carried on political activities, letting the conspiradores contra Narváez meet in her house. Juana de Vega was also charitable towards those in need and founded the association ‘Señoras de la Beneficencia de La Coruña’ in 1838, being the president until she died.

 Work & Activities

As a writer, she published Memorias del general Espoz y Mina and Reglamento de la Asociación de Señoras de Beneficencia de La Coruña. During the time she served the Queen, she wrote Historia interior del Palacio, which remained unpublished.

 Other Interesting Aspects

‘Juana de Vega’ Foundation offers grants for those who study Veterinary Medicine and Agricultural and Forestry Engineering.