Juan Sobreira Salgado

Category: Benedictine monk
Birth Date: In 1746 (†In 1805)
Birth Place: Evade (Ourense)

He became a Benedictine monk in Guadalajara in 1761 and three years later, he returned to his native city to study Arts at Ribas de Sil Convent. In 1764, he moved to Salamanca, where he studied Theology for three years. After his stay in several Spanish convents, he returned to Galicia in 1789, where he stayed for nine years, first at San Martin Convent (Santiago) and then in Ribas de Sil until 1798 that he stayed as an abbot at Santa María de Sopetrán Convent in Guadalajara.

 Work & Activities

Fray Juan Sobreira wrote several linguistic works of lexicographic interest and other essays of several themes that remained unpublished.