Juan Puchades Quilis

Category: Sculptor
Birth Date: 16th March 1934
Birth Place: Valencia


He studied Fine Arts at 'San Carlos' School in Valencia, where he specialized in sculpture. In 1958, he finished his studies. Since 1970, he has been teaching Drawing at 'San Rosendo' Secondary Education in Mondoñedo, where he has been living since 1960. He combines Teaching with Sculpture, studying the possibilities of working with iron. His sculptures are made of iron, wood, stone and bronze. He belonged to the group 'Los Urogallos', which was founded in 1962 and patronized by the civil governor of Lugo Mr José L. de Azcárraga y Bustamante. The group consisted of seven painters and a sculptor. They made exhibitions in different Spanish cities. He belonged to the Group of Galician Sculptors and founded the artistic and cultural group 'O Feitizo'. Nowadays, he is still a member of this group.

 Work & Activities

He made exhibitions in Oviedo (1966), Vigo (1977), Rathaus Murten-Switzerland (1978), A Coruña (1980), Lugo (1980) and Getafe-Madrid (1991). He took part in the following contests: -'Profesor Mateo' Contest (Santiago, 1971). -National Contest of Small Sculpture (Valladolid, 1972). -'Segorbe' (Castellón, 1974). -National Sculpture and Painting Contest (Madrid, 1975). -Bimillenium (Lugo, 1976). -Third Sculpture Biennial (Sarria Lugo, 1977). -Second Sculpture Biennial (Vilanova da Cerveira-Portugal, 1980). -'Salón de Primavera' (Valencia, 1981). -'Bicentenario de Nobles y Bellas Artes San Eloy' (Salamanca, 1984). -International Centre of Contemporary Art in the Salon of the United Nations (Paris, 1984). He is the author of the memorial called 'Monumento a los Caídos' in Lugo (1962) and several memorials in different villages in the province of Lugo.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He got the following prizes: First prize at 'Profesor Mateo' Contest. First prize at Segorbe. First prize at the Bimillenium of Lugo. First prize at the Third Sculpture Biennial in Sarria (Lugo) Many of his works can be found in private collections in different cities of Spain, Switzerland, Portugal, Caracas, Argentina as well as in Lugo's Museum, Sarria, Ferrol and in the institution 'Caixa de Aforros de Galicia'.

Since 2011 he has been honorary citizen of Mondoñedo (Lugo).