Carmen Bellas

Category: Painter and designer
Birth Date: In 1971
Birth Place: As Pontes (A Coruña)


She took a degree in Fine Arts (Design and Audiovisual) in the Faculty of Fine Arts of Pontevedra - Vigo University (1990-95).

 Work & Activities

1991: 'Poética do cotián', Teatro Principal (Pontevedra).
1995: First year in the Faculty of Fine Arts (Pontevedra).
1996: 'I Mostra ARTXOVE', Cultural Centre, Pontedeume - A Coruña.
1997: 'II Mostra ARTXOVE' and 'ANACOS' (12 Galician artists) 'Mercado Vello', As Pontes.
1998: 'ANACOS II', As Pontes.
1999: 'IV Mostra ARTXOVE'.
2000: ARTXOVE, 'Mercado Vello', As Pontes and 'ANACOS'.
2001: 'Sete miradas, sete', Cultural Centre, San Sadurniño and 'Dez + Dez', Casa da Parra, Santiago de Compostela.
2002: '676', Luis Seoane Foundation, A Coruña.
2003: 'Grupo 20', Lugo’s Museum.
2004: First Painting Contest, Monforte de Lemos.

1992: 'Libertad', Roupar - Lugo.
1994: ‘Praza de Curros Enríquez’, Pontevedra.
2001: 'Blanco sobre Blanco', Casa da Cultura de San Sadurniño - A Coruña; exhibition in the Cultural Centre of Valdoviño - A Coruña; 'Irrupcións', Carvalho Calero Cultural Centre, Ferrol and 'A Fábrica', Allariz.

Besides, she designed the catalogue ARTXOVE (2002) and the photographic work carried out by Manolo Vila (2003), collaborated with Efece Architecture Studio (2003-04) and participated in the drawing and engraving fair in Lugo (1998-99). She also designs posters, cards, brochures, logotypes, bags and advertising.

 Other Interesting Aspects

She was awarded the Photographic Marathon Prize organized by the City Council of As Pontes (1993), was finalist in the Painting Contest for new artists ('Una forma Donuts de ver el mundo', 1999) and was awarded the first prize in the 'XIV Certame Galego de Artes Plásticas Xuventude 2000', organized by the Consellería de Familia. Some of her work was also selected in the Fifth Art Contest, Burela Gallery, Burela (Lugo).
Her work can be found at Unión Fenosa Contemporary Art Museum (A Coruña), Gandarío Museum (Allariz), Efece Architecture and private collections.