Roberto Carballo Cortiña

Birth Date: In 1944
Birth Place: A Coruña
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He is the leader of a social project for social regeneration and innovation: Aldebarán Innovation. He directs the MA in Innovation and Knowledge Development and the MA in Human Resources and Innovation and is a Professor of Applied Economy at the Complutense University. He has worked for private business for many years.

 Work & Activities

He has published articles and books such as “Innovando en la Empresa” (1999), “Experiencias en grupo e Innovación en la docencia universitaria” (2002), “En la Espiral de la Innovación” (2004) and “Innovación y Gestión del Conocimiento. Modelo, método, sistemas y herramientas” (2006).
He is a member of the DETE-ALC net for the territory development and employment of Latin American and the Caribbean. He has been also the promoter and president of the Association for Innovation and nowadays is the president of Sicigia XXI Association.
He has developed part of his work in the field of educative innovation, where he has published several articles and the book “Metodologías y Experiencias de Innovación Educativa” from experiences of the GIF2007 that Hill turn into the Association of Educative Innovation.
Nowadays, he is developing an ambitious research project about better innovative experiences in firms, projects organizations, public institutions and territory, local and social development.
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