Juan José Cebrián Franco

Category: Professor and writer
Birth Date: 6th June 1933 (†july 2009)
Birth Place: Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña)

He studied Humanities, Philosophy and Theology at the Metropolitan Seminary in Santiago. After taking a degree in Social Sciences at the Gregorian University in Rome, he came back to his native city, where he worked as teacher in the Seminary and several vocational training centres. He also worked at 'Arcebispo Xelmírez I' Secondary Education, where he retired in 1998. He carried out several responsibilities at Santiago Archbishopric such as Diocesan Adviser of the Catholic Working Youth and teacher at the Metropolitan Seminary. He was the first episcopal delegate in 'Cáritas Diocesana' (an institution to help the poor). He also directed the office of Sociology and Statistics in the Archbishopric, being responsible for the Computer Science department. He also directed the web site of the archdiocese in the Internet.

 Work & Activities

In 1967, he wrote his first boos: El trabajo Manual del Clero Hoy (several authors, Oporto 1969). Then he wrote: Santiago. El Eco Franciscano, 1971. Santiago y Galicia, Santiago, 1976. Guía de Galicia. Follas Novas, Santiago, 1978. Prostitución y Sociedad. Barcelona, 1977. Santuarios de Galicia. Santiago Diocese, Santiago Archbishopric, 1982. Encuesta Religiosa Axiológica y Moral Secretariado de FP de la Iglesia. Madrid, 1985. Juventud Gallega. Actitudes Religioso Morales. Consejo de Educación Cristiana Santiago, 1987. Santuarios Marianos de Galicia. Encuentro. Madrid. 1989. Hasta el Fin de la Tierra. Las raíces del Camino. Seminary of Santiago. 1993. Obispos de Iria Flavia y Arzobispos de Santiago. ?Agencia Gráfica y ITC?, Santiago. 1997. El Apóstol Santiago, San Pablo, 1999. Una Escuela para el Camino. 75º Aniversario de las Escuelas de la Inmaculada. Santiago, 1999. He collaborated on many occasions in specialized magazines and newspapers.