Juan Antonio Saco y Arce

Category: Theologian and writer
Birth Date: 8th March 1835 (†14th September 1881)
Birth Place: Alongos - Toén (Ourense)

After studying Secondary Education, he began to study Theology in Santiago. From 1851 to 1854 he went on with his studies in the Seminary of Ourense and took a degree in Theology in Santiago. In 1861, he was ordained as a priest and one year later he moved to Madrid, where he took his doctor’s degree at the same time he studied French, Italian and German.

 Work & Activities

Gramática Gallega is one of his most important works. In 1878, his book Poesías was published, which is a collection of seventy-six poems written in Castilian and nine of religious character written in Galician. In 1881, he began to publish Galician popular literature but this project was interrupted owing to his early death. He also left unpublished some texts for the work Diccionario de Autoridades.