José Vilaverde Velo

Category: Artisan and syndicalist
Birth Date: In 1894 (†24th September 1936)
Birth Place: Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña)

He began to work when he was still very young and took part in the syndical movement. When he was five, he organised the Local Federation of Working Societies in Santiago. He also collaborated in the foundation of the magazines 'Solidaridad Obrera' and 'Despertad'. He was the president of the Carpenter Society and one of the leaders of anarcho-syndicalism in Galicia. When the Republic was proclaimed in 1931, He moved to A Coruña, where he became one of the national leaders of the 'CNT', the anarchist syndicate. He was elected secretary of the Galician Regional Confederation and constituted the National Federation of Fishing Industry.