Yolanda Castaño Pereira

Category: Poetess
Birth Date: 19th April 1977
Birth Place: Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña)
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She moved to A Coruña in 1990, where he finished Hispanic Philology and Audiovisual Studies. She was the secretary general of the Association of Writers in Galician Language. She gives lectures and writes articles in Galician newspapers. Besides, she directs and presents the programme ‘Mercuria’ on TVE-Galicia. The programme deals with the Galician artistic vanguards and she was nominated by the Galician Audiovisual Academy as the best communicator on TV in 2004 and 2005.

 Work & Activities

She published her firs book, ‘Elevar as pálpebras’, when she was seventeen as she was awarded ‘Fermín Bouza Brey’ Prize (1995). Then, she wrote ‘Delicia’ and ‘Vivimos no ciclo das erofanías’ (both of them were published in Espiral Maior in 1998), published because of ‘Xohan Carballeira’ Prize. She was also awarded the Criticism National Prize in 1998 with this book, being a bilingual version edited in Madrid in ‘Huerga y Fierro’. She is very interested in projects in which poetry dialogues with other arts and published the painting catalogue ‘Venecia O Vicio da Beleza’ (2000) together with the painter Antón Sobral. That same year, she published ‘Edénica’, a personal anthology of her whole previous work, accompanied by a CD in which she sang versions of her poems. Her book ‘O libro da egoísta’ (2003) was well-accepted by critics. She also directed and produced a video-poem, translating its contents to the audiovisual language, which was awarded the Videocreation Prize at ‘Festival Compostela Curtocircuito 2004’.
She has participated in collective volumes such as the book with CD ‘Daquelas que cantan. Rosalía na palabra de 11 escritoras galegas’ (1997), ‘Mulher a facer vento’ (Lisboa,1998), ‘Algúen agarda que volva alí’ (1998), ‘Novas voces da poesía galega. Recital’ (2000), ‘Diálogos na casa de Rosalía’ (2002), ‘Outro mundo é posível’, Poetry Festival, Salvaterra (2002), in ‘O trazo aberto. Poesías e debuxos’ (2002), in ‘O libro dos abanos. (Palabras no aire)’ (2002), in ‘Carlos Casares. A semente aquecida da palabra’ (2003), in the catalogue of ‘Primeiro Encontro de Arte e Natureza no Castelo de Soutomaior’ (2003), in the catalogue of ‘Camiño de Santiago. Luz e vida’ (2003) and in ‘Intifada. Ofrenda dos poetas galegos a Palestina’ (2004).
Her work can be also found in the following anthologies: ‘Para saír do século. Nova proposta poética’ (Xerais, 1997), ‘Río de son e vento’ (Xerais, 1999), ‘dEfecto 2000’ (1999), ‘Elas. 3’ (2004), ‘Milenio’ (SIAL, 1999), ‘Yo es otro. Autorretratos de la nueva poesía’ (DVD, 2001), ‘Mujeres de carne y verso’ (La Esfera, 2002) and ‘25 anos de poesía galega 1975-2000 (III)’ (La Voz de Galicia, 2002).
As a poetess and literary critic, she has collaborated in many magazines and newspapers such as La Voz de Galicia, O Correo Galego, A Nosa Terra, El Progreso, Diario de Pontevedra, El Ideal Gallego, El Mundo, Galicia Hoxe, Quimera, Festa da Palabra Silenciada, La Flama en el Espejo, Dorna, Hablar/Falar de Poesía, Ólisbos, Clave Orión, A Xanela, Elipse, Enclave, Casa da Gramática, Boletín Galego de Literatura, Balder, Caleta, O máximO and La Estafeta del Viento...

 Other Interesting Aspects

She was on the board of directors of ‘Letras de Cal’, a published housed destined to publish works of the youngest poets. She participated in many poetry readings and together with Emma Couceiro, she organised ‘Ciclos de Recitais Poéticos en Filoloxía’, celebrated every month from 1996 to 1998.
Togethe with Olga Novo, she edited the magazine ‘Valdeleite’ and was responsible for the prologue, selection and coordination of the monograph ‘Muestra de la joven poesía gallega’, published in La Flama en el Espejo (Mexico D.F.).