José Veiga Roel

Category: Photographer and sketcher
Birth Date: 9th November 1894 (†† 9th November 1976)
Birth Place: Betanzos (A Coruña)

He was very keen on drawing since he was very young and he soon became famous for his skills as a calligrapher and miniaturist. He was a member of the group of promoters of the magazine 'Rexurdimento' that was published in his native village. After the Civil War, he carried out many activities in the recreational and cultural circles of his city, where he assembled the Photographic Group in A Coruña. When he got in touch with all these amateurs, he discovered photography and soon became one of the main promoters. His health problems made him give up photography and took up drawing again.

 Work & Activities

He illustrated several publications, magazines, brochures on famous festivities and collaborated in the activities of his friend Vales Villamartín. He showed his work at the Exhibition of Galician Art in A Coruña (1923) and the Regional Exhibition of Fine Arts in Santiago. In 1935, he got an honorary diploma at the Exhibition of Fine Arts in Ferrol. In 1955, he exhibited his photographs in Buenos Aires in the galleries of the Galician Centre. He also participated in the International Photography Exhibition in A Coruña and at the Contest of Artistic Photography in Vigo, both as a member of the panel or contestant and exhibitor. In 1957, he carried out one of his most important exhibitions at 'Club Imperio' in A Coruña. In 1966 and 1967, some of his pictures appeared in the magazine 'Galicia´. Revista anual de Turismo'. A posthumous exhibition of his work was celebrated in Santiago in 1980.

 Other Interesting Aspects

In 1980, he was nominated as honorary citizen of Betanzos, his native village.