José Reigosa

Category: Photographer
Birth Place: San Cosme de Barreiros (Lugo)


When he was twenty-five, he began to be interested in Photography after reading the book Aprende Fotografía by Antoine Desilets. When he came to Lugo, he got in touch with 'Fonmiñá' group, where he made friends with many people and improved his knowledge on Photography. Nowadays, human figure is his favourite theme, especially portrait and nude. He has carried out about twenty exhibitions, both individual and collective, since 1985. He has also taken part in the publication of several books and catalogues. Daine Arbús said that making a portrait was like seducing somebody. There has to be a good communication between photographer and model and the more intense the communication is, a better result can be achieved. You need certain bareness inside so that the portrait can work. Making portraits is a good way to make friends.

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