José Millán-Astray Terreros

Category: Military man
Birth Date: 5th July 1879 (†2nd January 1954)
Birth Place: A Coruña

He started his military career in 1896 and got several military decorations in the Philippines. In 1897, he was promoted to lieutenant and captain in 1905. Some years later, he was appointed to Africa. In 1914, he was promoted to major and lieutenant-colonel in 1920, taking charge of the Foreign Legion, being Franco the second officer in command. He took part in many war actions and got the military medal. He took command of the Legion and was raised to the rank of colonel for war merits and brigadier-general. When he retired, he was promoted to major-general as he held the military medal. When the Civil War broke out, he sided with Franco, who posted him to propaganda missions. When the war was over, he was nominated as director general of the Cripple Corps.

 Work & Activities

He wrote one of the first biographical sketches of Franco titled Franco, el Caudillo, within the collection 'Héroes de España' (Spanish heroes).