Ricardo Portela

Category: Piper and prosthodontist
Birth Date: 4th November 1920 (†24th March 1992)
Birth Place: Viascón (Pontevedra)

When he was twelve, he moved with his family to Vigo, where he developed his love for pipe and studied with Xosé Oliveira Blanco. He began his military service in 1939, and three years later he was stolen his pipe. In 1944, he married Osita Laredo and had a girl. Ricardo Portela did not play for thirteen years since the quality of his stolen pipe could not be compared with any other. Afterwards, he bought two pipes and one of them, which had been made by Xosé Seivane, reminded him his stolen pipe. In 1955 he emigrated to Venezuela, where he worked at the Stomatological Laboratory of Caracas and founded a group of pipes. Ricardo Portela returned to Spain four years later and established himself in Pontevedra, where he went on with his job as a prosthodontist.