Avelino Fernández Rivera

Category: Businessman
Birth Date: 31st October 1926
Birth Place: Ribadavia
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He directed the firm 'Atlas-Accountancy, firm organisation and auditorship' in Brazil with over 5000 clients. It was the biggest company in Brazil dealing with this activity (accountancy, buying and selling of real state and business, insurances and travel agencies). He was the president of the institution 'Casa de Galicia' in different periods, president of the deliberative council of 'Casa de España' as well as the Spanish Hospital. He founded and was the president of the first Association of Galician Businessmen in America, 'Fegaex' and 'Club Financiero Internacional Gallego de Negocios, S.A.' in Santiago (Address: Ramón Piñeiro, Portal 3, Entreplanta B). He has a chain of hotels in Rio de Janeiro, being 'Merlín Hotel' the most important one. It is considered the best hotel in Brazil within the four-star class hotels. He made the Spanish ambassador in Brazil visit the institution 'Casa de Galicia' when it had a republican tendency. He managed to merge the three Spanish institutions into 'La Casa de España'. It is the pride of the community. He created important companies in Galicia such as 'Mercedes' concessionaire, 'Mitsubishi' concessionaire, 'Atlántico Gallega de Inversiones' and some others.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He tried to join Galician businessmen abroad with those living in Galicia by means of the club 'Club Financiero Internacional Gallego de Negocios, S.A.'.