Felipe-Senén López Gómez

Category: Archaeologist and writer
Birth Date: 10th March 1948
Birth Place: Carballiño (Ourense)
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He took a degree in Art History at Santiago University. From 1975 to 1996, he directed the Archaeological Museum in A Coruña. Since 1996, he has been working as an expert on culture and museums in A Coruña. He is a member of the Galician Academy of Fine Arts, 'José Cornide' Institute, 'Padre Sarmiento' Institute of Galician Studies and the Commission of Cultural Heritage of the Council of Galician Culture. He is the founder and president of the association 'Amigos dos Museos de Galicia'.

 Work & Activities

He carried out a hundred projects to evaluate the cultural heritage in A Coruña. He gave lectures on Art and Ethnography all over Europe and America. He published many books about Symbology, Art and Archaeology. He is also a polygrapher, illustrator and sketcher.