Fernando Ramos Fernández

Category: Journalist and professor
Birth Date: 6 de maio de 1948
Birth Place: Lugo

He took a doctor’s degree in Information Sciences at the Complutense University (Madrid) where he had previously studied Journalism. He is also a broadcast technician. Nowadays he is a Professor of Information and Advertising Law at the University of Vigo and invited Professor in other universities of Portugal and Latin America. He practised Journalism for thirty years. He started in Radio Popular de Ourense with Daniel Hortas, who he considered as his master. Later on he moved to Vigo, where he worked as editor in the COPE. After giving up the radio in 1976, he worked in Faro de Vigo, La Voz de Galicia and Diario 16 de Galicia. Finally, he was delegate of El Correo Gallego in Vigo, before entering the Faculty of Social Sciences and Communication and became a Professor of Constitutional Law.

 Work & Activities

He has published 21 books about Communication and Law and is a member of several national and international scientific and professional associations. He was awarded the prize for the best research work about smuggling and drug trafficking in Galicia. He was also awarded ‘Luis Taboada’ Journalism Prize on two occasions. He was elected “Lucense del año” in 2000 and holds the Cross of the Military Merit with white decoration. He was president of the Vigo Press Association and nowadays he is the president of the International Protocol Academy of the International Organization of Ceremonial and Protocol. As an expert in this matter, he has travelled around the world and participated as rapporteur in Budapest, Buenos Aires, Rome and Lisbon. His child memories of such a beloved city were reflected in “Lugo en el corazón”.