José Mª Alonso Trelles y Jarén

Pseudonym: El Viejo Pancho. When the paper 'Momentáneas' was published, he replaced this pseudonym for El Manco de Santa Rosa.
Category: Writer
Birth Date: 7th May 1857 († in 1924)
Birth Place: Ribadeo (Lugo)

José Mª Alonso Trelles y Jarén emigrated to Argentina in 1875. Then he moved to Uruguay, where he definitively established himself in a town called Tala. In 1880, he started his journalistic activity in the newspaper El Tala and went on with the satirical publication called El Tala Cómico. In 1899, he published the paper Momentáneas and collaborated in magazines such as El Fogón or El Terruño.

 Work & Activities

El Viejo Pancho started his literary production writing romantic compositions influenced by writers like Bécquer or Espronceda. In his poetry he reflected the success of capitalism, which takes the place of the rural society. In 1916, he published the collection of poems titled Paja Brava, which had a third edition. Besides, he founded a theatre group and wrote several plays such as Juan el loco (1887), Crimen de amor (1891), Colón (1892) and ¡Gaucha! (1913).