Antonio Taboada Ferradás

Pseudonym: Willi
Category: Painter and sculptor
Birth Date: In 1962
Birth Place: Botos (Lalín)
 Work & Activities

These are some of his most important individual exhibitions: Entre Cidades (Lalín-Florence), Ramón Mª Aller Museum (Lalín - Pontevedra, 1997); Diálogo con lo Spacio, Utopía Bookshop, (Florence, 1996); "La Luce e l'ombre", Allegri Art Centre of Contemporary Art (Florence, 1996); Casa das Artes (Vigo, 1994); Ramón Mª Aller Museum (Lalín, 1990); Sargadelos Gallery, (Santiago de Compostela, 1990) and Bacabú Gallery (Lugo, 2000). He also carried out collective exhibitions: Celta de Vigo Foundation (Vigo, 1998); Bagneaux Gallery of Contemporary Art (Paris, 1997); Laxeiro Biennial, Ramón Mª Aller Museum, (Lalín, 1993-95, 97); Nórdicos, La Elipa cultural centre, (Madrid, 1995); Artistas de Deza, Casa da Parra (Xunta de Galicia 1993); Trienal Latina, Viana do Castelo (Portugal, 1992); Sommerspielaktion Gladbek (Germany, 1991) and 8th - 9th Biennial in Pontevedra (1988-89).

 Other Interesting Aspects

He got the following prizes and grants: First accesit in the 20th edition of 'Cidade de Elda' Prize for small pictures (Alicante, 1999); grant to artistic creation in Florence (Lalín, 2nd 'Pintor Laxeiro' Biennial, 1995); first prize in the Latin triennial in Viana do Castelo (Portugal, 1992); second prize in the second sculpture symposium (O Grove, Pontevedra, 1991); first prize in the Contest of Plastic Arts 'Xuventude 90' (Xunta de Galicia, 1990); accesit in the first sculpture symposium (O Grove, Pontevedra, 1990); second prize in the 18th Biennial 'Meigas e Trasgos' (Sarria, Lugo, 1989) and 'Novos Valores' grant awarded by the County Council of Pontevedra (1989). He also took part in a musical and sculptural recital in the fourth literary foundry in 'A Solaina' Foundation (Piloño, 1999), in the bronze foundry in the Faculty of Fine Arts (Pontevedra, 1998), together with Sergi Aguilar in the Sculpture Studio of 'Marcelino Botín' Foundation in Santander (1996) and in the first meeting 'Studio of Plastic Arts' in 'A Solaina' Foundation.