José Luis Otero Feijoo

Category: Periodista, profesor, deportista y empresario
Birth Date: 25th March 1956
Birth Place: Lugo
Telephone: 630886222 - 982209427
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He studied Teaching and Business Sciences. He is also a handball trainer, sport monitor and lifesaver (1976). He has been the manager of 'Fundaciones Pardo' Ltd. since 1987. He worked as a teacher at 'Maristas' School (1976-1987), sports sub-editor in the newspaper El Progreso (1972-2001), director of the programme TodoDeporte in Telelugo (1995-2001) and sports sub-editor in the radio station 'Cope' (1976-1993).

 Work & Activities

Since 1991, he has been the president of the Association of Businessmen of 'Ceao' Industrial State and director of the Business Confederation of Lugo. Since 1998, he has directed the Chamber of Commerce in Lugo and has been the vice-president and founder of the Galician Federation of Industrial States, secretary of the Association of the Sport Press, editor of the magazine 'Balonmán Galego' and delegate of the National Association of Handball Trainers. He is also a member of the Galician Association of Journalists, a member of the National Association of Radio and Television, a member of the National Association of Graphic Press, former director of the Galician School of Handball Referees and former selector of junior handball teams. He was Spanish champion of carbine shot (1971), Galician champion of carbine shot (1972, 1973 and 1974), Galician handball champion, tennis champion at the 'Aero Club' and billiards champion at the 'Círculo de las Artes'.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He got the following prizes and distinctions: First National Press Prize, awarded by the Spanish Handball Federation (1982, 1985 and 1988), medal to the handball merit (Spanish Handball Federation, 1984), 'Marcelino Champagnat' National Press Prize, gold and brilliant badge, awarded by 'Club Polideportivo Maristas' in Lugo, gold badge (Handball Federation of Lugo), 'Concepción Arenal' medal, awarded by the 'Dirección Xeral de Institucións Penitenciarias', 'Milagrosista del año 2000', best shot sportsman of the year in Lugo (1972, 1973 and 1974), best handball player of the year in Lugo (1974) and National Prize of Handball Schools(1974).